Things to know before your appointment……..

  1. Payment terms are either by cash on the day, or by bank transfer 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you are paying by bank transfer and payment is not received 24 hours prior to the appointment, the appointment may be cancelled.
  2. The more time you have spent brushing your dog between grooms, and particularly in the week before the groom when the hair is longer, the better an experience they will have with me – this will mean less matts to be combed out which for matted dogs to be combed out in one session is unpleasant and time consuming meaning less play time and breaks.
  3. If I find your dog is severely matted as I begin the brushing, it is highly likely that alternative action will need to be taken, there are two options as follows (I will call to discuss which option is preferable):
  • A complete shave is done. This would be in the case of matts being many and tight against the skin therefore causing too much distress to the dog to comb them out. If the mats are halfway up the hair shaft, combing out is possible and less uncomfortable.
  • Two sessions may be required – this is where there is severe matting that isn’t tight against the skin. On a medium sized dog this can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to brush out if done without breaks which I would not be inclined to do. However, the booked time could be used to brush out the matts, and a second appointment at 50% discount could be booked within a week to do the cutting and bathing.
  1. If your dog gets anxious and may bite, you must let me know. This does not mean I won’t be able to groom your dog. We can then discuss how best to handle it and what the particular issues are.
  2. If your dog does bite and I haven’t been previously advised, I will either use a muzzle, or if the biting is too severe and/or causing the dog too much stress, I will contact you to discuss how to proceed, but this may be not continuing on with the groom.
  3. If I’m unable to groom a dog due to biting, a full refund will be given and I will give advice on how would be best for you to proceed.
  4. I must be advised of any allergies or illnesses your dog has, particularly contagious ones such as early conjunctivitis, kennel cough etc. I give treats of all kinds unless advised of things to avoid so it is imperative you let me know if there is anything they shouldn’t have or simply anything you’d prefer they didn’t have. Illnesses such as bladder infections will be catered to with more toilet breaks for example.
  5. Your dog will be with me between 3 to 4 hours. You should ensure you are able to collect them no later than 4 hours, as there may be other dogs waiting to be groomed meaning I can’t supervise your dog.
  6. I have my own dog in the house a lot of the time. He is a miniature Australian Labradoodle that has no aggression and loves to play. He does bark a lot when a dog comes in. If your dog is reactive or nervous around other dogs, or simply doesn’t like them, you must let me know so we can agree a plan of action.
  7. Please be on time for your appointment and let me know if you are running late. Anything more than half an hour may require a change of appointment or reduced groom if I have appointments booked afterwards.
  8. 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation/change of day time. 50% charge for under 48 hrs. notice.