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The Ordinary Skincare – Favourites & Fails

The Ordinary Skincare – Favourites & Fails

I feel like I am a professional “The Ordinary Skincare” buyer now, having posted 5 videos on my You Tube channel! I think I have about 14 bottles of product, so I thought I’d round up my current favourites, and not so favourites. 


     Lactic acid 10% – my criteria for loving skincare is in some ways quite shallow – have a nice smell, make my skin feel really soft, and/or show that its working in some way. Oh and good ingredients of course. I didn’t like or dislike the celery smell of this product but strangely I’ve
come to enjoy it. It feel
s very smooth going on, doesn’t sting as I expected it would, and I can see my skin flaking a little which gives me the satisfaction that its doing something. Its not something I’m going to rush to repurchase when this bottle runs out in the not too distant future, but only because I’ve ordered some other exfoliants that I want to try (Azelaic acid & BHA Peel). 


Argan Oil – I’m going to talk smell again and to me this smelt a little of cow pat when I first used it. Charming! Thankfully husband doesn’t agree, but again I’ve come to love the smell of this. Ok that sounds tres weird but I should clarify that after a few applications there was barely any scent of Eau de cow poop. What I love about this is it doesn’t break me out as other oils have done (more on that in fails below), and it makes my skin feel super soft when I wake up. I’ve already repu
rchased this as I did go through the bottle pretty quickly, but won’t start using it till I’ve tried the Squalene and Rosehip Oils. 




Marula Oil – WAY too thick feeling for my liking. No scent whatsoever, but the worst part was waking up with a whitehead the morning after first using it. Just in case it was a coincidence, I stopped using it for 3 or 4 days, then tried again. Lo and behold, there was another whitehead the following morning, and I haven’t had a whitehead for years (ok, maybe 1 year, but you get me, it was definitely this oil). 





Vitamin C Suspension – I wanted to love this so much, but my skin is just way too irritated and it seems to get worse with every use. The website does say that some irritation can be expected, but the level of itch is too much for me to bear. I tried persisting, and I tried mixing it with Hyaluronic Acid as has been known to help, but I admit defeat and it is in my “Empties & Fails” basket ready to talk about next video. One of the reasons I especially wanted to love this product is as a suspension it has no PH, so can be more easily used with other products. Instead, I’ve ordered the 3 Vitamin C derivatives that The Ordinary do, and will see how I get on with them. 

What are your favourites and fails?