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Pawsome Dog Box Review

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the January Pawsome Dog Box for review yesterday. You may remember I reviewed the Xmas box on my You Tube channel. Pawsome Xmas Box Review

Lets have a look at the goodies:

Munch Beef

This is a hard crunchy bar which would be great for dogs teeth. It is beef flavoured rawhide and a nice touch is that it has a built in gift tag on the back.






Dog Deli Tasty Chicken Wrapped Calcuim Bones 36041-500x500

These are a 100% winner with my Watson. The ones in the bag are by an Italian company but exactly the same as the ones in the picture. I keep these in my walking bag and even a rustle of the packet brings Watson back to me. There is no rawhide in them, but they do have added sugar.





The rope toy included in the box is really large, and I have to say that I think its a little too big for my Watson – I think that as I specified him as a small dog, this isn’t particularly suitable, but a big dog would love it!






A great little bag of treats combining chicken and carrots, along with rice. No added sugar.








I can guarantee Watson is going to love this toy – its got a long flexible neck and is the perfect soft toy for him to destroy :0)




This is really interesting to me – lots of great ingredients, probiotics, Amino acids etc. I like to add something to Watson’s food that gives him a little extra – sometimes its an omega oil, sometimes probiotic, I mix it up so he gets a hit of different things. The only question will be, if he likes this in his food!






Another great box from Pawsome, I’m really impressed how much they can pack in for the money. You can get 25% off your first box with this code- blg9qxbk