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Garnier Moisture Bomb Review – Night Gel Cream & Day Lotion

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I’m always on the hunt for drugstore skincare, but I’m usually disappointed to find it  has alcohol or fragrances added and therefore isn’t good for the skin.

On my wishlist for a night cream would be a gel-cream that smelt wonderful and that was in a pump bottle. This achieves 2 out of 3 of those and the ingredients are to my liking :0)

This is £7.99 for 50ml, and aside from it being in a jar, its my dream product thus far. It smells amazing, like a sort of fresh laundry combined with aqua type smell. Its creamy and smooth yet really lightweight, and it hydrates wonderfully. If I don’t use a moisturiser with enough hydration, my face almost instantly feels tight and uncomfortable.

Does it have anti ageing qualities I hear you ask? No, but I’m not a great believer in moisturisers for anti ageing – for me that it about using a sunscreen in the day, and using a combination of retinol and acids at other times, and some Vitamin C wouldn’t go amiss too. All of those can be used under this gel cream. Buy it here – Moisture Bomb Night Gel Cream

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The second product in the line is the day cream, which although I love, I also find it puzzling. It has an SPF of 10. Ten?! What use is ten to anyone?! That aside, its a beautiful lotion – the same good ingredients, the same lovely scent, feels very nice and lightweight yet moisturising and is a great makeup base. This one is also £7.99. I’ll use this up but probably only for evenings when I’m leaving the house (rare lol) due to the lack of SPF.

Buy it here – Moisture Bomb Day Lotion