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Freshly Baked Fake Tan Mousse – Baby Powder Scent! Review

Freshly Baked Fake Tan Mousse – Baby Powder Scent! Review

Baby PowderI couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that there was a fake tan with such yummy scents, AND it included my favourite scent which is baby powder, AND is was a reasonable price! I paid £12.99 from Beauty Bay – buy it here Freshly Baked Fake Tan Mousse

The other scents it comes in are – Vanilla, Coconut, Amaretto, Watermelon, and Black Cherry. Makes my mouth water!

So, is it any good? Well, so far its not bad. It certainly does smell like baby powder on application, and there is no fake tan smell on development. I’ve only used it on my arms, and I did also try it on my face.

No streaking and I’d say the colour is about medium. The only thing I’d say is I don’t think its great on the face – it didn’t provide much moisture and it looked kind of odd the following day. I can’t describe it and it might just be because I used the wrong foundation colour but, face = no, body = yes. Next step is to try it on my feet and legs, but I’m waiting for the other tan I’m testing to wear off (Madame La La Tan). So far, this is a winner but the feet will tell me what I need to know as not many look smooth there.

I think this is a really great idea though, especially for those that don’t like the fake tan smell. Oh, I also bought one called Skinny Tan from super drug – clearly I’m in a tanning mood :0)