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Puppy Immunotherapy starts today!

IMG_7849I love this photo of my little guy, but then again, I love pretty much all photos of him don’t I lol. Today is his first immunotherapy injection, and Kev is going to ask the vet to teach him how to do it ourselves at home. I know I’m not brave enough to do it myself, but if Kev learns and I watch him a few times, I might try. It saves us going to the vet surgery every fortnight for 8 months!

Apparently some dogs show an improvement immediately but others take a few months, but if there is no improvement by 8 months, then it simply doesn’t work for him. I’ve done pretty much everything I can for him in the house in terms of protecting against dust mites etc. The only thing left would be to put wooden floors down, get a leather suite, replace curtains etc, which is not financially on the cards just now.

Watson still has the same energy levels he always had, but I’m seeing glimmers of hope that as he ages he may slow down a little. The biggest challenge is the inconsistency. By that I mean that one day he can be sleepy and sleep for 3 hours after a walk, then chill out for an hour. Other days he is awake all day long, and the two days could be alike in so far as how much exercise and play time he gets.

I did do a doggy ADHD test on him which I think showed that he isn’t ADHD, but is just super active. My friends tell me that when he hits 2 years old he’ll start to slow down. Either that or my hair will start to go grey!