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Becca Afterglow Palette Review


BeccaThis is the most extravagant purchase in a while, but I am totally in love with it already. I wanted to try some of the Becca blushes, but I don’t have any counters near me where I could swatch the colours. I bought “Gypsy” but honestly it was just too light for me.

I also purchased one of the shimmering skin perfectors in Opal, but it was too dark for me. I could tell that I liked the quality of both the highlighters and the blushes, so when this little gem appeared in a you tube video, I knew I had to try and get it.

I bought mine from Rose’s beauty store, and it only arrived yesterday but I adore it already. It has 3 highlighters in it, Opal, Rose Gold, and Topaz. Topaz would work more as a bronzer on me, and even Rose gold is a little dark, but they would both make beautiful eyeshadows and I will try them as such. The blushes are wild honey and flower child. Flower child I put on today and it is a beautiful soft coral. Wild honey looks kind of blah in the palette but every review I’ve seen says exactly that but how lovely it is on the cheeks, so we’ll see. I also used Moonstone on my cheeks and its not quite as shimmery as I expected, but in a good way.

I’d definitely recommend this as either a christmas gift or as a self gift!