Penicuik House was an accidental find, but it is so interesting and beautiful, with a little bit of everything – some greenery, some forestry, streams, and beautiful buildings. The rumour is that the owner is very intolerant of dogs that worry his sheep, so please be alert to that – we simply avoided the area where the sheep were and had no issues or lack of places to go.

This was a walk after a visit to a nearby doggy daycare, so we didn’t go for food on that day. However, ten minutes drive and you will find The Steading where my in laws took us for a wonderful evening meal and Watson was made very welcome with water & biscuits & even cuddles :0) There were 4 of us, and 3 enjoyed their meal. My lasagne was a little chewy but I think that was more my fussiness than bad food.

I believe the Flotterstone Inn is also dog friendly and not far away, and also has its only lovely hilly walk. Flotterstone Inn

Penicuik 3 Penicuik 4