North Berwick

North Berwick is the place for you if you are all about the beach. Our walk involved tea & cake at the “Why Not” cafe on the high street, followed by a walk along the beach on the right side of the Pier. Then lunch at “The Ship Inn” and another walk on the beach to the left of the Pier.
Watson Berwick 3

The first thing I have to let you know is that I couldn’t find any toilets near the beach, despite them being listed as having facilities. That’s why we had a tea & cake stop before the walk began lol.

Parking was ok – there is a very small car park but its a very popular place so I’d suggest going at non peak times to have the best experience.

The Why Not cafe was an absolute pleasure – tea in a teapot (aka real tea hehe), and beautiful beautiful cakes. A lovely lady that came round to say hello to all the dogs with a biscuit in hand. Perfect. Why Not Cafe

The Ship Inn is somewhere you’ll feel immediately comfortable, and again definitely dog friendly, not just dogs allowed. A bowl of water was bought out for Watson immediately and he curled up and went to sleep on the cozy carpet. Food was typical good pub grub. I had fish & chips, and Kev had a chicken salad, both yummy and very generous portion sizes but good prices. The Ship Inn

There were actually quite a few places advertising as dog friendly on the high street and surrounding streets, but on our return to North Berwick I’d like to find some kind of green land or forest as Watson isn’t really a beach lover unless he has a pal to play with.

Another favourite spot of ours to visit in North Berwick, is a private beach called “Seacliff Beach”. Its a very rugged road through the forest to get to the parking area, but well worth it and the £3 entry fee, the views are simply stunning. IMG_0899