Glentress Forest, Peebles

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Glentress Forest is about an hours drive from Edinburgh, maybe a little more, and is well worth the journey. There are a choice of 5 walks from easy to hard, lasting from 15 minutes to 2 hours. They are completely separate from the cycle paths so you’ve no need to worry about pooch running after the bikes. The cycle route and walking routes do cross paths but only once or twice on each route, for a very small stretch. I would say Watson was off lead 90% of the time.

We took the 2 hour “strenuous” walk first, and the strenuous part is because its a steep incline through the forest. The whole of this walk is through the forest with views over the hills as you go.

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After the first walk we stopped at the Glentress Peel Cafe which is at the beginning/end of the walks so very handy being right there on site. We were lucky enough to get a big comfy sofa that Watson decided he was allowed on also and even when our lunch was delivered to the table, Watson wasn’t asked to move. I suspect its because there are muddy cyclists in and out daily!

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I had a ham and cheese toastie which I was surprised to find was filled with ham off the bone instead of slices. Kev had chilli cheese & chips. Both were yummy and it was about £22 total for the 2 lunches, 2 diet cokes, a tea and a coffee, and 2 cakes. Lovely food, with the only downside being there is no table service for ordering and the queue was constantly out of the door – I think Kev was in the queue for 5 to 10 mins to order.

After lunch we went for another 15 minute walk, although it was actually 30 minutes by the time you walked to the starting point. This was a nice gentle stroll around the pond on flat gravel – about all our weary legs could take at that point!

Overall I’d highly recommend it and we’ll be going back. We might take a packed lunch next time, and do the 1 hour walk, lunch, then the 1.5 hour walk 🙂

Glentress 3 copy Parking was £3 and it was easy to find a space.