Date Night Chat

Download here! 

Get a good conversation or debate going on your date night! Whether it’s a first date, or you’ve been married for years, you’ll find questions to spark a new talking point, and learn something you didn’t already know about your partner.

CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORY- You can choose your category – include or exclude the serious philosophy questions, only turn on the adult questions, talk about love, or keep them all on for pot luck!


screenshot-favsNervous about a date? Go through the questions and “add to favourites” so you have a handy list you can refer to. You could even do it covertly on a trip to the bathroom!

NOT JUST FOR DATE NIGHT – Have a fun night in with the girls or guys and write some of the questions down on scraps of paper, then put in a jar for pot luck picking. You could even try to guess each other’s answer. How well do you know your friends?!

NEVER GET THE SAME QUESTION TWICE- Lots of questions that will be rotated randomly and you will never get the same question twice.