Today’s walk recommendation is for the Easter Park Trail in Aberfoyle and “The Forth Inn” pub for lunch and/or refreshments.

The walk took us besides rivers, streams with mini waterfalls, and through the forest. The great thing about this walk was although long (it took us 2 hours to follow this trail), it was mostly flat even ground. Usually my knee wouldn’t allow me to walk for that long, but it wasn’t too hilly. There was a hilly route though if you wanted a more vigorous walk!

We took sandwiches with us, not knowing if there was a dog friendly lunch place around, but stopped at The Forth Inn for a cup of tea and a coffee, and it was extremely dog friendly. I’ve found there are plenty of “dogs accepted” places, but the ones that are truly dog friendly are a breath of fresh air. Each dog was greeted, given a biscuit, and a fresh bowl of water. Additionally, we asked for a top  up of our jug of milk, confessing it was for the dog as he didn’t seem to want any water and we were getting concerned – not to worry they said, and gave us a whole bowl of milk for Watson. He thoroughly enjoyed it and I could stop worrying about dehydration lol.

Parking was free right by the Lodge Forest visitor centre with toilets and the start of the walk a stones throw away. 

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