Letter to My Watson – 2nd Birthday

To My Watson, 


You are nearly 2 years old, and all grown up. I silently promised you that we’d have all your various health issues sorted by the time you turned 2, and I think we are making it by the skin of our teeth! There is still room for improvement of course, but at last you aren’t in as much pain and discomfort. There have certainly been many more vet visits in this last year – 30 visits in total since you came crashing into our lives, but I don’t regret a single penny or moment of time it took. 
I wrote to you when you turned 1, and told you how much you had taught me. I knew I had much more to learn, and most of all you have taught me to be selfless. When my joints ache, and I just want to crawl into bed, I instead get geared up and go off for a walk with my boy. Seeing your little tail wagging at the door as we leave makes it all worth it. Walks were never my favourite thing, but now I feel that I could walk for days with you – seeing how excited you are just to be walking up a hill is something that money simply can’t buy. 
You amaze me and others with your chilled out demeanour whilst still managing to have endless energy, and you are the perfect mix of goodness & mischief.  You have been described as a “gentleman” on more than one occasion which made us beam with pride. You won a rosette for obedience, and charmed everyone at your night class by being the class clown. We literally see smiles appearing on people’s faces everywhere we go when they see you. 
Some people believe me to be a Dog owner, but I know that you see me as your Mum, and I believe that this is what it feels like to be a mother. I wouldn’t change you for anyone or anything in the world. This years promise to you, is to look after you when you need me, and do everything in my power to make your life wonderful. I hope that one day we are in a position to welcome a brother or sister into our lives for you, but for now you have Mum and Dad all to yourself and we have you. When you lay your head on our foot/leg/knee, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and we are honoured that you show us such love and trust. 
Happy Birthday my baby boy! I can’t wait for our next year together :0) 
Mum xx