My First Dog Grooming Blog!

My June Clients……

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Abbey the 8.5-month old labradoodle loved the treats, was very affectionate and a little bit of a wriggler. We were delighted to find out she is Watson’s half-sister!

  • Sandy Bear – Cavashon/Cavapoo– gorgeous little guy that wasn’t much of a foodie until the appearance of cheese :0)
  • Cooper the 6-month old labradoodle was my youngest client to date and enjoyed playing with my Watson and using him as a stool in the garden
  • Bodie the 15-month old cockapoo gave me the giggles when he barked at a picture of a horse on the wall!
  • Buddy the 17-month old cockapoo – another of my small clients and his technique for stopping the grooming when he got a bit bored of it was cuddles :0)
  • Dixie the 2-year-old labradoodle – such a gentle soul who was happy to have anything done to her as long as she had something to chew.
  • Dixie the 2.5-year-old Cavapoo – my smallest client to date and gave me the biggest compliment of all by nearly falling asleep on the table lol
  • Dexter the 9-month old cockapoo – my joker of the pack and gets the award for most energy, and the one who loved my little extras like treats round the bath! Also had a great time playing with my Watson.
  • Rupert the 2-year-old cockapoo – a fussy eater like myself but I finally found the way to his heart with cheese & letting him smell each tool to be used – a guy that liked to be in the know :0)

Tip of the month

Picture1The biggest satisfaction from a groom seems to be that we get to see the beautiful eyes and face of our dogs again! If you aren’t confident at home with sharp scissors near the eyes, buy some thinning scissors and use these across the eye and cut continuously for a few seconds and this will take away the stray hairs without any risk of injury.





Product recommendation Do you have trouble with constant mats in your dog’s coat? This tool will help! It can break up the mats whilst combing through at the same time. Use it first, then use a comb to remove the broken up mats.









Reviews – Monthly dog box

As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to be sent free stuff. One of things I’m sent is the monthly dog boxes you can buy – the next one I’m being sent for review is the “Bark Box” and I’ll be doing a review on my you tube channel of what I think.


With every groom in July & August, I’ll be giving you a voucher for a free photoshoot!