Thursday Already LOL!

So on Tuesday I thought time was dragging, and now I feel like the week has flown past, how does that work?! I’m happy about that of course, Thursdays I can more than cope with, Fridays even better, especially since I finish work at 3pm. Happy Days.

I’m about to leave the house for some late night shopping – its mostly errand type stuff like the post office, and essentials from Boots, but I’m also headed for a browse round “the big Asda” – any of you guys do that or is it just me that browses supermarkets?! I think its the foodie in me. Today I’m looking for duck rolls, I’ve just got a hankering for it. What I should be buying, are a few lettuces, since I weighed myself yesterday and discovered I am now 12 stone. :0( I can’t even say how did that happen as I’ve paid zero attention to my eating but I honestly thought with my lack of sugar this week (no chocolate since Sunday, I know right) and my several walks with Watson, that maybe I would have dropped at least a pound or two since my last weigh in which was 11stone 10.

I will of course have to buy some chocolate to munch whilst shopping, its a tradition ;0)