Diary – Only Tuesday?!

How can it only be Tuesday?! Oh, and I didn’t even work on Monday lol, yet it feels like it should be at least Thursday. Wishful thinking I guess. Today though I feel like I achieved a lot at work and it was a crazy busy one. I guess most people think that us peeps that are based at home, take it easy, but my phone goes, emails constantly arrive. The only difference is I deal with it all in jogging pants and I can make myself a “proper” lunch :0)

Hubby is in a long long meeting today – 8am to 6pm but he thinks it’ll run over and then he has a 2 hour drive home poor thing. He was supposed to be taking Watson to his 2nd obedience class tonight but won’t make it of course. I could go but there are “Kaz problems” with that – I hate driving and I don’t know the way, and I’m scared of dogs (I know I know).

After walking Watson I’m going to have a nice long bath, and then get back to my “see if there are ways I could make money working from home” plan. Tootaloo! x