Amazing Affordable Lashes!

LashesI have to tell you about these lashes as soon as possible, they are flipping amazing! I go through phases with lashes and when I’m in a lash wearing phase its normally Kiss looks so natural lashes that I use. My wearing lashes phase normally ends because I get fed up with looking like a drag queen, or the end sticking up after an hour!

On one of my You Tube Videos, I asked for recommendations for natural looking shortish lashes. Most lashes are just too wide for me and also too long. I can of course cut down the width but not so much with the length (I tried, the result was horrific). The recommendations were many and one that appeared twice was Asian lashes and a website was specifically mentioned but they were international, so I decided to browse good old Amazon instead. I found these and decided that for Ā£1.49 plus Ā£1.99 postage, I was willing to give them a go. I thought they would take a few weeks to arrive, so was pleasantly surprised when they arrived 3 days later.

Being too impatient to wait till the weekend to try the lashes, I put them on on a working day and the first thing I noticed was how easy they were to apply. I’m all fingers and thumbs with eyelash application and its sheer luck if they apply first time. Normally one eye is a doddle and the other takes 3 or more attempts. These applied first time on each eye, easily.

The band is super thin and lightweight which is a must for me as I don’t like that heavy feeling, and they are long enough to look pretty but not obvious. The final miracle is that after a days wear, they are still stuck in exactly the same place as where I first put them lol, no sticking up corners or anything :0) Oh, they don’t come with glue by the way, so I used Revlon tube glue.

Hope you are as excited as me about this find, if so please do let me know! You can buy them here (this is an affiliate link, my very first one – hopefully that doesn’t put you off, it doesn’t mean you pay more and the love of the lashes came first, then the link).