Rimmel “Oh My Gloss”

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Oh my glossI’m actually not that much of a lipgloss gal, with a “collection” of no more than about 8 glosses in total. The great thing about my new at the drugstore videos I do for You Tube, is that it makes me scour the drugstore and try things I wouldn’t ordinarily try. This is exactly what happened with the new Rimmel glosses.

Why aren’t I a gloss person? I love my matt lipstick because it stays on longer and doesn’t create that “I’m going to smear it across my face” fear that moisturising lipsticks do. This is mostly bold colours I’m talking about, but even with nudes, I feel like gloss just doesn’t stay on long enough to make it worth the effort putting it on. Those that do stay on a while, tend to be sticky and my long hair gets stuck to my lips. Not a good look.

Not another lip gloss I think as I see the Rimmel stand… I bought the new Bourjois lip gloss for my last video and didn’t enjoy that so much. Should I or shouldn’t I, its only a fiver, blah blah. I started swatching the testers and this made my decision for me when I found the one called Glossy Cat – a beautiful dusty pink, in the basket it went.

Well, Oh my gloss indeed, this is lovely and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I bought it. It isn’t sticky at all, but feels silky and moisturising on the lips BUT it still manages to last a decent amount of time. Say what?! Yes, its true, and its nearly made me want to start a new lip gloss obsession.

There are 15 colours online although I could only see about 8 in store. There is an offer currently on Rimmel that is 3 for 2, grab yourself one of these lovelies and let me know what you think!