Diary – Saturday 18th April 2015

Ah Saturdays, what do I love the most about you. The long lie in (well, long being till 7am, we do have a puppy), the lazy way I can do my makeup, the time I get to spend with said puppy, or the coconut latte I treat myself to mid afternoon.

Today I didn’t want to do a marathon of You Tube videoing as I usually do on a Saturday, but that being the case I thought I’d quickly film the “3 minute makeup challenge” and “One eyeshadow TAG” as I’ve been tagged to do them both. Lots of people have kindly done tags I’ve created, so its only fair I repay the favour.

The rest of my Saturday to date has been spent designing this blog and I have fair enjoyed myself. In between blog creation I took my puppy for a walk where we he had a lovely play with Dingo the Yorkie and then came home for a long snooze cuddled up to me. Bliss. What is your ideal Saturday?